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What You Need to Know and Do About Facebook’s Clickbait Changes

We're sure you've seen it before, headlines that are designed to all but force you to click on a link to read more. Headlines like these are known as clickbait.…


How Your Brand Can Use Instagram Stories Across Each of Your Locations

Earlier this year, Instagram launched their newest feature – Stories – as a way to compete with the Millennial-loved Snapchat. Just like Snapchat, Instagram Stories allows users to upload/take photos…


How the Right Image Strategy Can Breathe Life into Your Blog Posts

The fastest car on the planet is just a piece of junk if it doesn’t have the fuel to go from Point A to Point B. That’s exactly the premise…


Google Algorithm Update: How Penguin 4.0 Will Impact Your Website’s Rankings

Because of this, Google’s recent Penguin 4.0 update has left a number of webmasters with some confusion and some questions. A bit about how this update will affect you and…


3 Proven Methods to Grow Your Multi-Local™ Brand With Programmatic Media

In reality, however, businesses of any size can use programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising automates the process of advertisement purchasing by targeting specific audiences and demographics. Programmatic advertising makes it possible…


Why Aren’t Your Web Pages Converting? Maybe it’s Lack of Trust

This type of due diligence to data is what makes marketers so valuable. They don’t just pitch ideas and campaigns based on feelings or hunches. They have hard data to…


Why Your Search Rankings Might Have Dropped

So when your search rankings begin to drop, it’s perfectly logical that dread and anxiety begin to seep in. What went wrong? Why are we dropping? Most business owners have…


How to build a buyer persona

I’m sure an overwhelming number of you would say the photo with the child. But why? I could delve into the science and psychology of it all, but really it…


Creating Content Isn’t Just About Traffic. Here’s How to Get Leads with Your Efforts

Not us. Don’t get us wrong – clearly that piece of content has some value if it brought in that kind of traffic. But creating content isn’t just about traffic…

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