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How Your QSR Can Grow Your Franchise Locations Through Paid Social Ads

And with more and more folks using social networks like Facebook, if you want to reach your audiences, you have to play the social ad game. But it takes so…


5 QSR Growth Hacks to Quickly and Easily Manage Your Brand’s Reputation

QSR patrons are among the quickest to hop onto Yelp to voice complaints or – hopefully – sing praises. Prospective patrons then use these reviews to form decisions on not…


Using the Physical Web to Attract New Patrons to Your Restaurant

The Physical Web – which is essentially an extension of the web in the physical world – allows smartphone users to walk up to any inanimate object in the real…


Grow Your QSR Brand with Location Level Programmatic Advertising

This is particularly true for QSR brands looking to capture audiences on a local level. According to Google, 20% of all searches show local intent. Your organic (SEO) strategy likely…


How to Make Sure Your Reputation on Yelp Attracts Patrons – Not Scares Them Away

By now, there are a ton of other review and rating sites out there, but the original review site – Yelp – remains the biggest. Your restaurant’s Yelp profile has a…


How to Use 3 Popular Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Restaurant

As a restauranteur in the 21st century, you know that social media can play a role in making that happen. You just might not be sure how. Could simply sharing…


Apple Pay, Square and the Impact Proximity Mobile Payments Could Have on Your Business

In fact, that sentiment is growing. eMarketer has discovered that even as more iPhone users test out Apple Pay, they remain more inclined to stick to the dollar bills and…


How to use augmented reality to engage your customers

Augmented reality existed long before Pokémon Go disrupted the marketplace, but there’s no question that the app’s widespread appeal and meteoritic rise to becoming the most engaging space on mobile…


How to ride the wave of Pokémon Go to market your restaurant

Just driving down the street of your town you might come across people tripping over sidewalks, bumping into strangers, and venturing into oncoming traffic without a clue of what’s going…

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