Everyone knows that Google is constantly changing its algorithm. First there was Panda, then Penguin, followed by Hummingbird. With all the updates, it’s important to know the impact it will have on your digital marketing.

algorithm change

Stay on top of algorithm changes!

A good way to stay up to date on your SEO campaign is to pay close attention to your reporting. The best digital marketing agencies will provide top notch reporting so you understand how your money is being spent and what benefits your site is gaining. But what happens when an update has an impact on your actual reporting? That became an issue when Google decided to encrypt all organic search activity. We’ve all seen the ever dreaded “not provided” message when looking at keyword data. Secure search forces us to analyze SEO in a whole new way. Lucky for all of us at Cardinal Web Solutions (including all of our clients), we have the top tier reporting tool providing data and insight for a content-centric SEO.

Search + Insight = ROI

Secure Search SEO

Content Centric SEO

Providing reports and campaign updates to our clients is very important here at Cardinal. Search + Insight = ROI. That’s the cardinal mantra. Our reporting tools allow us to show our clients what their ROI is. To accurately portray a SEO performance, we use BrightEdge, an enterprise grade SEO platform. A new addition to this tool is the Page Reporting technology. This helps brands understand their SEO performance across revenue, visits, and conversions at a page level. Given that keyword data is no longer a credible way to track performance, page reporting helps provide more insight for a 360 degree view of content performance. Managing pages is all about page grouping by business units, period over period comparison, on and off-page recommendations, and global competitive insights.

Only the Best for the Best

Because Cardinal loves our clients, we want to be able to offer them the best services and insight into their campaigns. We have the best clients; so naturally, we wanted the best reporting tool. BrightEdge lets us confidently and accurately inform our clients. Our clients like our reporting just as much as we do. BrightEdge allows us to provide insights into business performance changes, so that the client can understand the root cause, and we all can take action.

So take that, Google! Hit us with your best shot (or algorithm change) and we’ll still be on top of things. Between our phenomenal employees and awesome reporting capabilities, Cardinals are always well-informed of the ever changing industry trends.