OK, I know, it may seem like stretch, but when you’re as obsessed with what you do as we are, suddenly everything reminds you of marketing concepts. The Cardinal team took some time last Friday for a little pumpkin carving fun, and I thought I’d share our masterpieces with you, along with some observations of the similarities between creating a great Jack-O-Lantern and creating a great SEO campaign.

First, you need to assess what you already have.

Pumpkins, pre-carving

Then, check out the competition.

Image search results for [pumpkin carving]

It’s important to have a plan before you get started.

A pumpkin with a plan

If you don’t clean out the junk that’s already there, your results will stink.

Pumpkin guts

Everyone’s approach is different.

Cyclops by Blake Ghost by Stephen Classic by Kristen
Mustachioed by Doug Ramona Flowers by Caity Scott Pilgrim by Luke

What works well today may no longer be good tomorrow.

Moldy pumpkin guts

Finally, you can’t rush great results.

Jack-O-Lanterns by the Cardinal team

Happy Halloween from Cardinal Web Solutions!

CWS Jack-O-Lantern