One of the first things I ever worked on as a designer for Cardinal Web Solutions, before I was even hired full time, was a new logo. The logo at the time seemed old fashioned to me, resembling a quill writing pen, not what I thought should be representing one of the top Internet marketing companies in Atlanta. It also had some issues when shown digitally – The details of the feather can become very pixelated. No one asked me to redesign the logo, but I couldn’t resist making it a little sexier.

Cardinal logos: old and new At the left, the previous logo, and the right, my new design. I chose to keep the familiar feather shape that the brand had been built on, but give it a more modern, abstract look. I also introduced blue as a secondary color for the brand.

As we were moving in to our new office, it was time of change and growth for the company, which I saw as a great opportunity to reinvigorate our brand. Maybe not every company would have liked having a prospective employee walk in the first week wanting to redo all the branding, but at Cardinal, ideas are allowed to grow. My drafts for a new logo soon turned into talk of a new website, which today, after months of hard work, I’m excited to say is a reality. Check out some of the site’s new features:

We hope you will enjoy your time on our new site, which corresponds with the launch of our new custom portal for clients. Let us know what you think about the change in the comments!