Swedish Covenant is Chicago’s leading independent, nonprofit hospital, excelling in safety, best-possible outcomes, and a positive patient experience by offering more than 30 service lines.

It has served Chicago’s north and northwest side communities for more than 130 years, providing every patient with compassion and personalized care.

The hospital was looking to expand its recognition and turned to Cardinal to help them use pay-per-click management to shed light to their incredible services.

In order to serve Swedish Covenant to our fullest capabilities, we realized it was important for us to meet with our client face to face. We took our team to Chicago to not only meet with the folks at the hospital but also to perform an in-person analysis of the competitive marketing and surrounding health systems.

In other words, we needed to know – firsthand – what we were up against.

The data we acquired from our research allowed us to hone in on what we determined to be the service lines in which our client would see the biggest return on investment, in the shortest amount of time:

• Oncology
• Primary care
• Family medicine
• Women’s health
• Back pain

Now that we knew which service lines we’d focus on, we set out to develop comprehensive keyword and negative keyword lists, which our ad campaigns would be built around.

The negative keywords, in particular, were important to formulate, so that our clients’ cost-per-click would remain low.

We then launched ad campaigns – including crafting the ad copy to designing landing pages and calls to action – that were targeted for the hospital’s ideal patients.

Our laser-like focus with our campaigns resulted in some pretty incredible results, which the folks at Swedish Covenant saw nearly instantly:

• They have seen a 200+ increase in web leads month to month
• Their cost-per-click is now under $2.50
• Their cost-per-lead has fallen below $35, a 15% improvement month over month

We were confident that our initial strategy would yield more leads; however, we wanted to design an ad strategy that the hospital would be able to sustain for the long-term, which is why we worked hard to lower their CPC and cost per lead.

And while the client is content with the results thus far, the Cardinal team isn’t finished.

We continue to monitor each campaign, and run bid optimizations, to continue to drive more leads to the site, at a lower cost to our client. As a result of our initial successes, we can now look to expand our campaigns to even more service lines.

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