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5 Pages
Unique Forms of Testing
Overall Conversion
3% Improvement
Conversion Rate
27% Increase
Cost per Aquisition
26% Decrease


Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence

In today’s multi-channel marketing landscape, how do you decide where your dollars need to be spent?


Let Cardinal Web Solutions’ advanced analytics help you make the right and most profitable decisions based on facts – not opinions.

You’ve spent resources and dollars on a stunning website, top rankings, multi-channel advertising maybe even tracking visitors and sales, collecting customer information, recording calls, and so on… But unless all of those dollars, efforts and data sets are being converted into sales, it means little to your bottom line: your profit.

At Cardinal, we specialize in advanced analytics and business intelligence. We partner with you to collect the data you need and deep-dive into it to reveal the most profitable insights and opportunities. This means determining the decisions and actions necessary to increase your profit. In other words: we help your company make fact-based decisions with actionable insights to grow your bottom line.

In-House Team with Science Based Analytics Background

Over a Decade of Experience

Our in house team leverages cutting-edge tools and techniques to drive the highest ROI for each and every client.

Just driving visitors to a website is not enough.

Contact us today for the analytics package that’s right for your business.

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